we create. we build. we test. we play. we analyze. we discover. we destroy. we repeat.

Easton hockey is a company built on the single principle of creating better products through engineering, technology and innovation.
A better product begins with a concentrated focus on the player. Easton hockey believes in making players of any and all skill levels, shoot harder, move faster, play better and ultimately score more goals.

It all begins with the Arrow.

It’s the physical manifestation of our unique curiosity about sport and our courage to make it more successful for those who compete. Light, straight and true. It’s the perfect icon to symbolize the creation of a performance gap, which was, is, and always will be Easton Hockey’s core ethic.






At the easton hockey stick lab, we perform endless tests in controlled environments to fully study the effects and forces applied to a stick during various types of shots. The insights gained from these tests are the genesis to powerful and meaningful technologies. These technologies translate to definitive performance advantages for the player.


Our internal field testing team puts every concept and prototype through rigorous field testing protocols to collect crucial first impression data. This invaluable information and insight pushes the engineers and lab technicians to even further improve the layup and shapes of each stick.


Months before production begins, our next-to-final stick is handed over to our pro advisory panel. The panel uses, reviews and comments on all aspects of the new stick from cosmetics to performance. This process provides one last chance to tweak things before the stick goes into full production.