Easton's non-bat equipment warranty policy

Easton will ONLY accept warranty submissions for all eligible non-bat equipment that was purchased directly from easton.com. Non- bat product categories that fall under Easton’s warranty program include: Ball Gloves, Batting Gloves, Helmets, Catcher's Gear, Bat Bags, and select Training Accessories.

Any Non-Bat Warranty claims for products purchased from an Authorized Easton Dealer should be handled at the retail location from where you purchased the item.

A web order # from our store is required to submit a claim. A RA# (Return Authorization #) is required with your product shipment to our warehouse. Warranty submissions that do not have a web order # and RA# cannot be processed by our warehouse and your claim will be denied.

If after inspection, the equipment is determined to be covered under warranty, a replacement will be sent to you. If the equipment is determined to be out of warranty, the item will not be returned to you and will be recycled. All Non-Bat Product Warranties have a one-time replacement only.

If Easton no longer has your particular item in stock or no longer carries the product, we will replace it with a model similar in size, weight and performance.


Ball Gloves:
- Lace breaking issue
- Leather tearing issue
- Lining tearing issue
- Velcro Strap issue
- Sewing issue

Batting Gloves:
- Sewing issue
- Velcro Strap issue
- Leather tearing issue

- Zipper issue
- Material tearing issue
- Sewing issue
- Wheel issue

Catcher Protective:
- Padding issue (HMT, CP, LG)
- Strap issue (HMT, CP, LG)
- Attachment hardware issue (HMT)
- Cracking issue (HMT – shell, LG – knee, shin, or toe plates)

Batting Helmets:
- Shell cracking issue
- Padding issue
- Attachment hardware issue

Training Aids:
- Frame issue
- Hardware issue
- Sewing issue
- Net issue
- Carry case issue