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The combination of our active EXTENDON™ guard and deep contour design creates the Mako’s unique skating system for unrestricted natural movement.

Adaptive HDPE:

Thermoplastic construction for an unmatched customizable fit.

M1 Monocoque Chassis:

3D composite structure provides direct load transfer for explosive acceleration.

Assymetric Quarter Pattern:

Asymmetrical patterns allow the skates to fall in line with push direction to generate speed and power through cornering.

R9 Runner:

Aggressive blade pitch put the player in the dynamic athletic position to drive more force into the ice for explosive take off and faster reaction time.


The M1 MONOCOQUE CHASSIS™ is a 3D composite structure that is more rigid for a direct load transfer to the ice resulting in explosive acceleration.


The utmost focus on player performance as well as fit and comfort has led to an uncompromising last shape that defines the MAKO II skate. Engineered from the ground up to create the foundation for the M1 MONOCOQUE CHASSIS™.


A combination of the EXTENDON™ tendon guard and our Dual Density tongue allows for a longer stride and more ice contact resulting in a more efficient skating stride to generate speed and power.


Specifically tuned assymetric patterns combined with the torsion control of the M1 MONOCOQUE CHASSIS™, allows for tighter turns and directional changes. The R9 runner puts the player in a dynamic athletic position for explosive take off and faster reaction time.