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Multiple carbon I-Beams create response and stability throughout the blade.

Dual Lie:

Dual lie patterns keep the puck on the toe, connects the shooting portion to the ice and positions the heel slightly up to fully load the blade.

Elliptical Profile:

Increases torsional resistance for accuracy and energy transfer

Youth Focus Design:

Oversized handle with rounded corners prevents shaft from twisting for better control


Making sure your stick is properly fit is key to your shooting technique. This starts at the beginning stages. We have developed a full line of youth sticks to make sure young players have the proper equipment so they see results right away.


The slightly larger shaft geometry with rounded corners and grip coating gives smaller players more control over their shaft so the stick doesn’t twist in their hands. This also makes for a smoother transition into junior sticks.


The E36 and E28 youth patterns were adjusted for a lower lie and larger depth so younger players have more control over the puck.  They are also open to put the players hands and body in the proper shooting position to help them lift the puck with velocity.


Lie Depth Curve Face
5   12mm | 1/2″ Mid Slightly Open
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A versatile mid curve great for handling the puck in all aspects of the game. The dual lie helps position the puck on the toe to load the blade. The Junior was developed with more curve in the toe to give younger players more control over the puck as they are developing their shooting technique.